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Under Investigation


  • DO NOT speak to the police
  • DO NOT speak to/confide in family, friends, employers or anyone 
  • DO NOT post anything on social media
  • CONTACT an attorney right away

While the police often appear to be very concerned and helpful, in reality they are really trying to gather evidence and build a case against you.  What you say to them can be used against you in many different ways. This means no phone calls, no interviews and no written or recorded statements. The police may often say or suggest that it will be better for you if you cooperate. These are all tactics to gather information. Don't let them. 

It is tempting to want to confide in friends or family or create an attempt to clear your name by speaking with others.  DO NOT speak to anyone under any circumstances. These individuals can be subpoenaed and forced to give statements about what you have told them. The police and eventually the prosecution will use this testimony against you. The fact that you haven't spoken to anyone cannot be used against you, so please don't do so. 

It is also tempting to clear your name or retaliate on social media. It is understandable to feel the need to get your story out there and defend yourself from any accusations. This is not the time or the place to do that, and please DO NOT do so. The police detectives always monitor your social media postings and activity.  Also, your posts can be subpoenad by court order and deleted material can be retrieved by experts. 

Contacting an attorney right away acts as an immediate shield to what the police initially and the prosecution eventually can do to you: arrest you, charge you, and convict you for the crime(s) they are investigating and pursuing. Hiring an attorney while under investigation will allow your attorney to contact the police on your behalf so that all further contact and communication will only go through your attorney.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from contacting an attorney. Call John now at (206) 371-9870, the call is free and we are here to help.

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