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"Whether in personal injury or criminal defense, the goal of the lawyer is the same.
-ensuring the protection of their clients' rights and liberties while striving for fair and just results." - John

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Practicing Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law equals Heightened Strength

Myth: Representing alleged wrongdoers and representing victims are in conflict.

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Fact: Both a defendant in a criminal case and a plaintiff in a civil case are facing loss of constitutional liberties, either through government penalties or by the negligence of another. The justice system is designed to ensure that those invaluable rights are respected and treated fairly. Engaging an attorney that is skilled and focused on their client and the details of their case is crucial to the preservation of these liberties.

-The heart of the trial lawyer that practices criminal and civil law is to protect and restore the liberties of all clients.

Myth: An attorney that doesn't specialize in one area of law might not be as good.

Fact: An attorney that practices both criminal defense and personal injury law brings a unique skill set that crosses over from one side to the other, which is a distinctly huge advantage to the client.

-The process of the trial lawyer that practices criminal and civil law is to persuade or convince a jury of the righteousness of the case.


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