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Personal Injury

Auto Accidents

Many people who are injured in a car accident are intimated by insurance companies—and for good reason. Washington automobile insurance coverage is complex, and insurance companies are more interested in minimizing their own liability than paying you fair compensation. Additionally, even your own insurance company may try to minimize any coverage to which you are entitled, especially when you are trying to get your medical bills paid immediately. I will not allow this to happen.

Trucking Accidents

In a truck accident case, it is crucial to know how to fully establish liability and damages. Your lawyer will need to hire the right experts to establish such factors as maintenance standards on the truck, driver hiring practices, driver training, drug testing, weight restrictions, and whether the truck was overloaded or had an unbalanced load. Your lawyer will also need to consult with highway design experts in the event there was inadequately maintained or unsafe highway that failed to protect the public. I understand what it takes to build a successful trucking accident case, and will utilize all the resources at my disposal in order to assist you with your claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

I ride a Harley and because of this, I know that most drivers simply do not like motorcyclists. We are hard to see and have special lanes that other motorists do not have. In fact, some of us tend to drive too aggressively. Unfortunately, this overall bias almost always provides defense lawyers with the opportunity to claim comparative fault on the part of the motorcyclist thereby reducing their recovery. I know how to defeat these attempts because of both my personal experience riding motorcycles and my professional experience as a lawyer.

Dog Bites

Damages in dog-bite cases can be substantial as you are injured both physically and emotionally. As the victim, you may have lost a sense of security as you go about daily life. In fact, you may always worry about when the next dog will run out from behind a fence and attack you. This is a feeling you will have to live with every day after a dog bite, and it is because of this that you deserve compensation.

Slip and fall

Most attorneys are afraid of slip and fall cases. The reasoning behind this fear is that defense lawyers and insurance companies will immediately, without even hearing the specific facts of the case, try to shift the blame to the victim. I know how to effectively challenge the argument that the accident was your fault and focus on the liability of the property owner and his or his negligence in maintaining the property.

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