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Meet Our Staff

Patty Hurley

Patty is a highly experienced paralegal who handles only personal injury cases at Polito Law Offices. Patty is involved in all important aspects of every personal injury case, from initial intake up through trial and appeal. Patty's extensive experience and skills dealing with insurance companies and medical providers help ensure that every case is fully prepared.

Gina Earlywine

Gina is responsible for all paralegal work associated with criminal defense. Her attention to detail is critical in meeting all scheduling, pretrial, and trial deadlines. Gina's expertise is vital in preparing for trial, drafting jury instructions, and ensuring that all lay witnesses and expert witnesses are available and ready for trial in your case. Gina also handles personal injury cases.

Jack Polito

Jack handles case preparations for trial including the creation of visual presentations, e-filing of documents for ease of access, the physical creation of trial briefs and follow up review of interviews and depositions. A graduate of the University of Washington, Jack is now studying law within the Washington State Bar Association Rule 6 Clerkship program.

In sum, my staff and I are ready to provide you with the preparation, attention to detail and legal expertise you need to resolve your case favorably. We pride ourselves on returning phone calls promptly, and providing the personal attention needed to get you through whatever difficult ordeal has brought you to our office. We look forward to zealously representing you and doing everything in our power to help your case reach the best possible outcome.

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John Polito has been serving the residents of the greater Puget Sound for 30 years. Practicing in ALL counties of Washington, he is here to help.
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