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Restraining Orders

If you are facing a civil order for protection, don't delay. It is extremely important to understand your options for protecting your rights and reputation. With 30 years of experience in Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding cities, I am the lawyer you need on your side.

I Will Fight Aggressively To Protect Your Name and Your Future

  • Attack the substance of the allegations with facts gathered from various sources that the case is exaggerated or unfounded.
  • Establish through written materials and communications any underlying motives.
  • Present a strong defense for your actions.
  • Force the judge to place the burden of proof on the petitioner.
  • Argue for dismissal

Are you facing a restraining order, order for protection, anti-harassment order or sexual assault protection order in Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland or elsewhere in western Washington? Call (425) 646-7111 for a no-cost assessment of your defense options.

Here to Help

John Polito has been serving the residents of the greater Puget Sound for 30 years. Practicing in ALL counties of Washington, he is here to help.
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