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Child Neglect And Abuse Charges

As a lawyer, I approach these matters from the simple premise that almost all parents want what is best for their children. Most cases involving accusations of child abuse or neglect are not willful, they arise due to misunderstandings or honest mistakes that parents make in the course of doing the best they can.

Many times issues arise because your child is trying to emotionally manipulate you and you haven't made the best choice in response. I know how to fix that and how to explain to prosecutors that although there may be probable cause to believe you didn't make the best choice, there is no way you are going to convince a jury to unanimously criminalize your behavior with monday morning quarterbacking.

If you are facing charges of neglect or abuse, it is not the end of the world. But you do need to take swift action to speak to an attorney who can help you navigate the often overwhelming legal and bureaucratic processes that accompany these issues.

Full-Service Representation For Parents

I have been handling criminal defense and domestic violence matters in western Washington for more than 25 years. I am skilled at navigating courts in communities such as Bellevue, Kirkland and Seattle, where specific procedures can make all the difference in a case.

You will be able to work directly with me throughout the entirety of your case, providing you with comfort and certainty during a difficult and uncertain time in your life. My goal is to do what is best for you and for your children. If allegations of substance abuse are driving the case against you, I will work with you to ensure you obtain the treatment you need so you can get your children back in your life where they belong.

Were They Coached By Their Other Parent?

What are the odds that your children woke up one morning and decided to accuse you of abusing them? Probably not very good. Unfortunately, kids often become pawns in disputes between parents. If the other parent is actively attempting to turn your children against you for his or her own gain, I can step in to put an end to it. Parental alienation is unacceptable and taken very seriously in Washington family courts.

Timing Is Critical In Protecting Your Family

With complex issues such as foster care, counseling and treatment, the sooner you have me looking out for your interests the better. Call me today at (425) 646-7111 for a no-cost assessment of your rights and options.

Here to Help

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