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    We know how injuries can be a life disruption. Let us help. Medical decisions, insurance companies, employers… making the right decisions positively affects your outcome.



"John has represented me and other family members who have all had the unfortunate circumstance of having been in car accidents which upended our lives in too many ways to count..."

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"My ex wife falsely charged me with assaulting her. Because of her charges, I couldn't see my son for over four months. I was eventually found not guilty of all charges and reunited with my son..."

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"I was seriously injured in a collision which required me to have surgery on my previously injured shoulder. My first lawyer tried to pressure me to accept a low ball offer from the insurance..."

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"My son was tragically involved in an accidental shooting and was charged with serious crimes that could have landed him in prison for most of the rest of his life. I thoroughly..."

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Exceptional Representation From A Local Attorney

For 30 Years, John Polito has represented clients in Washington state. Over 3,000 trusted clients.
Over $15 Million recovered for personal injury clients. Over 99% of criminal cases reduced or dismissed.

Helping People Through Tough Circumstances

Do I need an attorney?

It's never too soon to call an attorney. Calling immediately to evaluate your case is the best step to analyze your set of circumstances and need for representation. Establishing a rapport with an attorney you can trust and are comfortable with will equip you for the process when the time comes.

When should I call or contact an attorney?

Whether you are faced with criminal charges or have been injured, calling an attorney soon as possible is the best decision you can make. It's never to early to call, even if you have not yet been charged. Know your rights and discuss the best course of action so you can protect your interests and defend yourself. 

How much will it cost to hire an attorney?

How much an attorney will cost depends on the nature of your case. Criminal defense costs vary depending on the nature of the charges. You will discuss these details when you call for your free case evaluation. For personal injury cases there are no fees paid up front and are paid at the time we recover your damages.

What if I can't afford an attorney?

Personal injury cases will not be charged any attorney fees out of pocket. They will be recovered upon recovery of your settlement or award. For criminal defense cases we can rarely know until we discuss your case in more detail during the case evaluation. The call is free.

Criminal Charges

What happens if I have been arrested?

You may or may not be taken into custody depending on your circumstances. If you have not been arrested and taken into custody then it's likely charges haven't been filed against you. You should contact an attorney immediately to see if you can prevent any charges from being filed as well as protecting you from taking any action that could be self-incriminating. If you have been taken into custody, you will be held until you have a hearing before a judge. The law requires that you have this hearing very quickly so the time you are remanded should be minimal. Retaining an attorney immediately to attend this court appearance can help you get your case dismissed, get you out of jail and protect your rights. This early intervention sets your defense strategy in motion.

Do I need an attorney if charges haven't been filed yet?

Yes. This is a critical time to secure an attorney because the police and prosecutors are likely investigating you, other witnesses and compiling evidence to build a case against you. Retaining an attorney as soon as possible to prepare an effective defense strategy is the wisest approach. Protect yourself as soon as possible.

What happens at my first court date or appearance?

You will appear before a judge who will hear the charges brought against you. At this time the court will determine whether probable cause exists for the charges that are being filed against you. If the court finds probable cause exists then the court will set conditions that you must follow while the case is pending. The court can release you on your promise to appear for future hearings or they may set bail. Having an attorney present is critical to make sure probable cause in established, to argue the conditions of your release and whether you have to post bail and if so how much. Dates for future appearances will be set at this time.

Can I get my case dismissed?

Yes. It is possible to get your case dismissed or negotiated to a lesser charge. This will depend on the nature of the charges, your criminal history and the specific facts of your case. We have successfully secured numerous dismissals for all types of criminal cases.

Will this go on my record?

Your record will only be affected if you are convicted. Successful negotiations with the prosecutor to avoid a conviction will involve arguing your criminal history, the nature of the charges and whether any terms and conditions set by the court have been met.

Personal Injury

If I've been injured or in an accident, when should I call an attorney?

It's best to get legal representation as soon as you can. Make an attorney the first call you make immediately after you've been in a collision, not your insurance company. Insurance companies train their adjustors to call you as quickly as possible to interview you to try to limit your financial recovery. This includes your own personal insurance company as well. You should never give a recorded statement to any insurance company, including your own, until you speak to an attorney. Retaining legal representation is no cost to you and helps protect your rights immediately.

Who will pay my medical bills?

In most cases, your own auto or health insurance will pay and will be reimbursed upon settlement of your case. If you don't have insurance, your attorney will work on your behalf to make arrangements to try to have your bills paid when the case is resolved.

Can I see any doctor I want?

Yes. The law requires that you have a freedom to see any treatment provider you choose. This includes but is not limited to physicians (medical and naturopathic), chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists. This is your choice and not the insurance company's.

What do I do if I can't work?

While your case is pending there may be insurance available to help pay for loss of income. At the very least the party who caused your wage loss is responsible for your compensation and this will be included as part of your settlement demand.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different depending on the nature of your injuries and the nature and duration of your treatment. We will do everything possible to get your case resolved as fairly and as soon as possible. However, you don't want to settle prematurely because this is your one and only opportunity to recover damages.

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