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Drug Court And Sentencing Alternatives

Good people can and do find themselves in bad situations. If you are facing drug charges in western Washington, it is important to make sure that your bad situation does not spiral into the loss of your freedom or irreparable damage to your reputation.

There are alternatives to the traditional plea bargains, jail time and other consequences of criminal charges. With 30 years of criminal defense experience, I can make sure you understand all of your defense options. I believe the focus should be on preparing you to live the rest of your life, not allowing something from your past to dictate the rest of your life.

I will always closely examine the facts and build a case for the dismissal or reduction of the charges you face. However, where that is not a viable option, I will pursue rehab and sentencing alternatives in order to protect your rights.

Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative (DOSA)

DOSA allows people charged with drug crimes to enter into drug treatment instead of spending their complete sentence in prison. This would include, in appropriate cases, a residential DOSA which would also allow treatment in lieu of going to prison at all. As an experienced local attorney, I understand what it takes to get DOSA approved. The prosecutors know I am committed to protecting my clients and will aggressively pursue all options for minimizing the complications from a drug arrest.

Drug Court

Depending on the jurisdiction your case is in, Drug Court may be an option for avoiding prison time and rehabilitating yourself. This is a program I believe in because I believe it makes more sense to deal with the root of a drug problem than to warehouse people in prison for having an addiction.

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To learn more about the options available to you after a drug arrest, contact me today. I offer a no-cost assessment. Located in Bellevue, I represent clients throughout western Washington, including Seattle and Kirkland.

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