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Jail listings in the Seattle-metropolitan region

Jails, or adult detention centers, contain people that has been either accused or convicted of a crime.

Having a friend or family member arrested or detained in jail can have a very emotional impact on your life. Dealing with possible financial and social adjustments, as well as the loss of their presence, can be a very stressful feat to manage. Do your best to try to keep a balance of staying in the moment and planning ahead.

  • Staying in the moment will help you to focus only on the events of today, for example do you need to register for an upcoming visit. Nurture yourself and try to relax.
  • Planning in advance for visitation and budget (if you are financially impacted) will help you to remain more in the moment of each day, knowing that you've addressed what is ahead. For example do you have to get time off of work or excuse a child from school. The visitation process can be cold and restrictive, but knowing the rules and avoiding surprises can make the visitation process more relaxing and positive. 

The facilities in the Seattle-metropolitan region have been listed by county, for contact information and general guidelines. Links are provided for more specific information unique for each facility. Please familiarize yourself with the specific rules unique to the facility where your loved one is detained. For your convenience you may bookmark relevant pages.

King County Jails

Pierce County Jails

Snohomish County Jails

For further family centered support information please connect with the Washington State Department of Corrections

If you have any questions on the local jails or locating an inmate, please call our office for assistance. We will be happy to assist you. (425) 646-7111 or (206) 371-9870.

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