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Drug Possession

People make mistakes every day of their lives. Some mistakes are bigger than others and even good people can find themselves in very trying situations. If you are facing drug possession charges in Bellevue or surrounding area of western Washington, you need an attorney to protect you from the harsh consequences of a conviction.

I have been defending people against drug possession charges in King County for 30 years and am very familiar with the local court system. In fact, I was born and raised here and have a unique understanding of the people who may end up making all the difference in your defense.

I am ready to aggressively defend your rights and liberties. Call (425) 646-7111 for a no-cost assessment of your defense options.

Fighting For The Outcome You Deserve

Regardless of whether the possession charge involves heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine or marijuana exceeding the possession limit, one of the keys to a strong defense is your lawyer's ability to plea bargain during the early stages of a case. This oftentime includes the ability to have your case resolved in drug court, which would eliminate the extreme and harsh consequences of a felony conviction that would otherwise result in a mainstream court.

The prosecutors know, based on my record of success, that I will not back down until I obtain the best possible outcome for my client. This allows me to negotiate from a position of strength and minimize the complications for people who are threatened by possession charges.

I will begin by looking for ways to have the charges reduced or dropped entirely. This often centers on evidentiary issues or questions of legality surrounding the traffic stop or arrest. I will also seek out treatment options and drug offender sentencing alternatives (DOSA), focusing on helping you build a stronger future instead of having your life ruined by a drug conviction.

Don't Let Possession Charges Harm Your Future

Contact me today for a no-cost assessment of your case and options. Located in Bellevue, I handle drug possession cases throughout western Washington, including King, Snohomish and Pierce counties.

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