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Motorcycle Accidents

Washington State Motorcycle Accident Attorney

I ride a Harley and because of this, I know that most drivers simply do not like motorcyclists. We are hard to see and have special lanes that other motorists do not have. In fact, some motorcyclists tend to drive too aggressively. Unfortunately, this overall bias almost always provides defense lawyers with the opportunity to claim comparative fault on the part of the motorcyclist thereby reducing their recovery. I know how to defeat these attempts because of both my personal experience riding motorcycles and my professional experience as a lawyer.

I'm John Polito, a lawyer in Bellevue, Washington, who handles all types of motorcycle accidents, including crashes involving mopeds and Vespa scooters. I have 30 years of experience helping motorcyclists, scooter riders, and their families in Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Tacoma, and other cities in western Washington state obtain compensation for serious injuries, including broken legs, scars, disfigurement, head injuries, brain injuries, and even wrongful death.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident or scooter wreck, it's my job as your attorney to inform both the insurance companies and the jury that comparative fault is nothing more than a blame-shifting device. It is an attempt by the insurance company to avoid responsibility for significant damages that occur as the result of harm to an otherwise responsible motorcycle or scooter rider.

As a Harley rider, I am able to characterize the motorcycle rider as someone who is respectful of the law. I do this because it overcomes the basic juror predisposition against motorcyclists, thereby improving my client's chance of recovery for their injuries. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be a devastating experience in a physical, emotional, and financial sense. My job as an attorney is to help you recover fair compensation for what you have endured and to hold the insurance company fully accountable.

I grew up in King County, so I am intimately familiar with the county's roads and highways. I am ready to aggressively pursue negligent and reckless drivers and their insurance companies to secure compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There are no attorney fees unless I recover compensation for you.

Free consultation: If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle or scooter crash, do not hesitate to contact me, attorney John J. Polito, for a no-cost assessment of your case and your options. From my office in Bellevue, Washington, I serve clients in Seattle, King County, Snohomish County, and Pierce County. Please call my office at (425) 646-7111, or my cell phone at (206) 371-9870.

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John Polito has been serving the residents of the greater Puget Sound for 30 years. Practicing in ALL counties of Washington, he is here to help.
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