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Top 5 Things To Know if You or A Loved One is Arrested for Domestic Violence

Posted by John Polito | Feb 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you or someone you know is arrested for Domestic Violence, avoid early and costly mistakes. Here is a quick list of the most important things to remember:

1. DO call an attorney immediately after arrest, no matter the day or time and don't speak with the police. Many of these arrests occur at night or on the weekend so you need to call as soon as possible.

2. DO NOT discuss the specifics of what happened with family members or friends until you speak with an attorney.

3. DO NOT have contact of any kind with the other party, especially from jail since those calls are recorded. If a no contact order has been entered, you cannot speak with the other party even if he or she invites contact - this is no defense.

4. DO NOT contact the police after the arrest if you think your spouse, significant other or family member has been falsely arrested. Any attempts to discuss or recant allegations that may have caused the arrest are often viewed by police, prosecutors and judges as the classic response of the victim of a domestic abuser, even if there were lies or exaggerations of what happened. Leave this issue to experienced defense counsel. 

5. DO retain all texts, emails, photos or other similar documentation which helps support a defense to the charges.

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