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J.P. Recommends John Polito

"I was falsely accused of a sexual assault and had to face the horror of potentially having a protection order entered against me based on false accusations. I had heard horror stories about how easy it is for someone to get a civil protection order in a hearing. In a difficult "he said/she said" case, John was able to point out, through his skill and experience, all of the circumstantial evidence which called into account the alleged victim's credibility and I won my hearing. This result also convinced the prosecutor to not file criminal charges against me. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I had lost that hearing. I will be forever grateful to John for all of his hard work."

– J.P.

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John Polito has been serving the residents of the greater Puget Sound for 30 years. Practicing in ALL counties of Washington, he is here to help.
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